Friday, May 4, 2012

TatukGIS Developer Kernel v10 1.0.9781 for D2007-DX2

The TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) is a comprehensive GIS component (SDK) for custom development of stand-alone, embedded, and client-server applications. The DK is known for performance, logical design, compliance with many open standards, and reasonable licensing. Features include an extensive object API, support for most database engines, native support for most data formats, advanced coordinate system support, networking, geocoding, 3D mapping, and much more. Product editions are available for multiple development platforms:
Embarcadero Delphi/C++Builder VCL
Microsoft .NET for WinForms
Microsoft ActiveX/OCX
Microsoft Compact Framework (for mobile solutions)
Each edition reflects the same or very similar framework, API, and technology. For example, the source code of a .NET WinForms application is exactly the same as a Compact Framework application. This means that porting a GIS application between development environments, e.g., Visual Basic, VB.NET, Visual C++, C#, .NET, Compact Framework, Delphi, C++Builder, etc., is possible without great difficulty. (See comparative code example.)

For enterprise-level solutions, support is available for advanced spatial databases: Oracle Spatial & GeoRaster, Microsoft Spatial, ESRI ArcSDE, IBM DB2 Spatial Extender, IBM Informix Spatial DataBlade, MapInfo SpatialWare, and PostGIS.

The DK component is licensed per registered developer and is free of deployment royalties in most situations. The product is used by solution developers in over 50 countries and a wide range of industries.

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